The Australian Twittersphere in 2016: Mapping the Follower/Followee Network

Twitter is now a key platform for public communication between a diverse range of participants, but the overall shape of the communication network it provides remains largely unknown. This article provides a detailed overview of the network structure …

Characterising Twitter reply chains in the Australian twittersphere

Axel Bruns live blog of my talk From Snurblog - liveblog at AOIR2017: The next speaker in this AoIR 2017 is my DMRC colleague Brenda Moon, whose focus is on reply chains on Twitter. There are a number of ways in which replies are chained together, and in fact the term ‘reply tree’ may be preferable to ‘reply chains’: there may be many replies to the same original tweet only, or a long dyadic interaction over a series of tweets, or various permutations between these two extremes.

Much Ado About Nothing? The Use of Social Media in the New Digital Agenda Committee of the German Bundestag

More technical opportunities and also more communicative and participatory options online could lead to more political interest in general, and to closer interrelations between citizens and politicians. From the point of view of democratic theory, it …

Identifying Bots in the Australian Twittersphere

WIP Paper available here

Identifying Bots in the Australian Twittersphere

Identification of bots on Twitter can be difficult, and successful approaches often use an iterative workflow, applying different techniques to identify discrete groups of bots. This paper presents first results of the application of this iterative …

Conversation about “The Conversation” in the Australian Twittersphere

Through the publication of articles written by scholars with editorial assistance from journalists, The Conversation website has become a major platform for the amplification of scholarly content, including the sciences. Founded in Australia in March …

Beyond Hashtags: Collecting And Analysing Conversations On Twitter

Publication available here

News Sharing on Twitter: A Nationally Comparative Study

Publication available here

A Topic Analysis Approach To Revealing Themes In The Australian Twittersphere

This paper investigates techniques to identify the topics being discussed in one week of tweets from the Australian Twittersphere. Tweets were extracted from a comprehensive dataset which captures all tweets by 2.8m Australian: the Tracking …

Beyond Hashtags: Collecting And Analysing Conversations On Twitter

In this paper we examine a series of techniques to enhance the collection and analysis of conversations on Twitter. We start from the position of seeking to understand how ordinary discussions about particular issues or controversies are unfolding on …