Data Visualisation

Pandas timeseries plot - setting x-axis major and minor ticks and labels

I’ve asked this question on StackOverflow (, but couldn’t include images because I haven’t posted on stackOverflow before. So here it is, with the images. I want to be able to set the major and minor xticks and their labels for a time series graph plotted from a Pandas time series object. The Pandas 0.9 “what’s new” page says: “you can either use to_pydatetime or register a converter for the Timestamp type” but I can’t work out how to do that so that I can use the matplotlib ax.

Hearing the Unseen

This is based on a Poster/Demo presented at the “Humanities + Digital Visual Interpretations Conference” hosted by HyperStudio - Digital Humanities at MIT 20-22 May 2010. Ear diagram Barry Moon Arizona State University Brenda Moon The Australian National University This project started as a exploration of data sonification techniques. The abstract published in the conference program is a testament to this. As it progressed, the idea of using real-time data to create a game for mobile devices became more alluring.